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  • 100% Done For You
  • Residual Income
  • High Ticket Sales

What You Get

  • Complete done for you system aimed to produce $100k annual income within 12 months - PRICELESS!
  • Guaranteed minimum monthly income of $500 - value $500 a month
  • Unlimited Hosting for as many websites as you want  - value $150 a month
  • Autoresponder account with unlimited subscribers and campaigns   - value $500 a month
  • Lead capture system      - value $39 a month
  • URL Link Rotator        - value $7 a month
  • Unlimited Computer Backup for up to 5 devices - value $60 a month
  • Free monthly product    - value $37 a month
  • Domain registration  - $10 a year
  • Personal website built for you (not affiliate site - your own fully loaded with software) - $1200
  • Advanced personal development and mindset training - $157 a month
  • Advanced traffic and conversion strategies - $297 a month
  • Done for you traffic every month  - $150 a month
  • Additional premium traffic at wholesale prices - access worth $200 a month
  • Advanced marketing training - $157 a month
  • Personal branding training and system - $150 a month
  • Asset building -  priceless!
    • Website
    • list
  • Video scripts for training their list or can use ready made videos - 1 a week value $200 a month
  • Email sequence to build rapport - added to monthly - $125 a month
  • Weekly members webinars with personal coaching - $5,000 for 4 months
  • High ticket sales done for them - priceless!
  • Commissions available of $266 a month plus HTS $500 and more
  • Plus tier 2 commissions

Total Value $33,000 PLUS!

More Detailed Overview

Although this is a set and forget system where you can choose to be totally passive and still make money... we want to give you the opportunity of being totally self dependent so that no matter what happens you will have all the skills and tools at your disposal to create cash from thin air on demand.....

The tools and training we provide are totally optional once your system is set up. Like clockwork your leads will flow into your system and be converted to sales, over time, generating you an awesome incomesales-funnel.

However some members have a desire to make money faster and be totally self sufficient and for this reason we offer the very best cutting edge techniques and methods for making a large online income in the shortest possible time.

There are 3 key elements that need to be learned if this is your choice:

  1. Tuning your mind to the potential so that you effortlessly attract all you want and dream of into your life 
  2. Branding and positioning yourself as an expert in your field in the first few minutes of contact with a prospect
  3. Learning to master the art of generating unlimited traffic and converting a high percentage of that traffic into sales

The mindset training is highly recommended even if you intend to be totally passive in the business as it will create the right vibrations for you to achieve success more rapidly. I know that many of you reading this will think this is all nonsense, but it is a fact that it makes a difference and if you find the results you are getting are not what you want it is highly likely it will be due to you ignoring this simple but important action.
Additionally it will help you attract other elements of abundance into your life such as Peace, Hope, Harmony, Health, Happiness and Love.

 90% of people seeking the Internet Lifestyle ignore this and 90% of people fail


Our Top 20 Products

This is just a sample of the value you will receive - what it all adds up to is a complete package that means you will never have to look elsewhere or seek the next shiny object or ever have to dip in your pocket again for anything,

Everything you will ever need for YOUR Guaranteed Success is included!

  • Unlimited hosting for an unlimited number of domains.

    This in itself could be a business in a box selling hosting to anyone needing a website

Auto Responder
  • Unlimited subscribers, messages and campaigns

    Autoresponders start at about $19 a month and costs increase rapidly as your list grows with many marketers paying over $800 a month

Computer Backup
  • A necessary protection for your personal and business files

    It is only a matter of time before tragedy strikes and you lose vital or irreplaceable files. This is not only your insurance but also allows you to access them from any computer at any time

Link Rotator
  • Simple but important software allows you to send traffic to different page - very useful!

    Can find very basic version free but this has more flexibility and functions and usually costs $7 a month or more

Weekly Videos
  • Weekly videos for your training

    These video trainings can be passed on to your list building rapport and adding value. This is a very important part of creating an online sales empire

Video Scripts
  • Scripts for the weekly training videos

    You can use these as the basis for recording your own version of the training adding to your personal branding as the expert - this is far more useful than the usual PLR products that are being offered online for $50 and more each.

Personal Coaching
  • My personal coaching fees start at $5,000 for 4 months

    These webinars give you the same access to me and allow you to grab the same money making benefits all included. This alone is worth $15,000 a year or more

Mastermind Events
  • Masterminds are so valuable and such fun

    You will have the opportunity of meeting, working and enjoying time with positive minded people like yourself. You will not find people in our group who say, "you can't"; they say, "YOU CAN and we will help!"

 Lead Capture
  • Free Lead Capture System - similar to many others

    Has a variety of landing pages suitable for surfing sites etc, and is an effective way of generating hundreds of FREE leads every month

Monthly Product
  • Free product download for a different product every month

    Includes software, video trainings, e-Books etc. and all are high selling items that range in price from $17 to $65. Great as lead magnets as well as for own use or profitable campaigns

Personal Branding
  • Much overlooked and essential part of success online

    We will provide the tools and training to brand yourself from the first contact as the expert. This alone will increase your sales by as much as 10 times!

Your Domain
  • Domain Registration and Management

    We search, register and manage your domain - just one thing less you have to worry about

Mindset Training
  • Mindset Training - the most important thing you can do is improve yourself

     I have spent years studying, mentoring and applying personal development and witnessed the benefits that follow. 10 years ago I was charging $200 and up for a 20 minute hypnotic session these will be available weekly as well as other ways to help you to a richer life in every way.

Traffic Unlimited
  • Traffic generation techniques and training

    Once you can drive unlimited amounts of traffic to nay website you choose you are half way to financial independence. We will provide you with what is working now and even the secret places where we buy traffic that allows us to make thousands of dollars a month

Sales Conversion
  • Converting traffic into leads and then sales is the other half of the financial independence package

    Part 1 is the traffic which we will make easy - part 2 is what to do with the traffic and how to make it profitable both instantly and in the future for ongoing income

Done 4 U Traffic
  • Done for you traffic

    This is provided and included for you to make sure you always are adding leads to the system and subscribers to your list. Regard this as a minimum of traffic coming in each month and add your own profitable campaigns by following our training and you will soon be in the top 3% of earners

Asset Building
  • Building assets is vital in any business and online is no different

    We will show you how to build your website into a valuable and saleable asset along with your subscriber list.

Income Guarantee
  • We take all the risk!

    I do not believe there is any other program available that will offer you a guaranteed $500 a month income. Then again we already know we are totally unique and the only program available with a 100% success rate for its members

Done 4 U Sales
  • Our system makes the sales for you

    and we have a follow up through, emails, webinars and personal contact that makes ongoing sales and upgrades while you keep the commissions

Email follow up
  • The money is in the list is a common saying

    What is true I that the money is in the follow up and each month week we will provide you with new emails to add to your autoresponder to build your relationship. improve your branding and make you money!

Above is just a sample of what is included and we are constantly adding products and benefits to enhance your life and experience as one of our valued members

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